Monday, January 21, 2013

How to care for the nails so beautiful and healthy

How to care for the nails so beautiful and healthy. Nails around the world women are part of the fashion that can beautify and add a sense of confident, beautiful and healthy nails that is desired. Everyone has different types of nails, there is strong and there is also a fragile or easily broken. Healthy nails skin consists of several layers: the outermost layer (nail plate a), skin that is framing nails (nail folds), a layer of skin that lies at the bottom of the nail (nail bed), a layer that coats the nails (the cuticle), and a semicircular layer at the base of the nail bed (lunula). to get her nails are beautiful and healthy we can do nail care tips below:
  1. Keep the nails clean diligently wash your hands and cutting the nail
  2. Do not open the hard objects or draw something as hard as any, because it can hurt the nail
  3. Eliminate the habit of nail-biting as it can damage the nail bed which makes it easier for germs to enter and can cause infection in the nail bed
  4. Don't be too often too long to come into contact with chemicals, such as the use of Nail Polish
  5. Soak the nails by using warm water that has been in the mix SOAP and salt
  6. Massaging to all parts of the cuticles with Cream Moisturiser
  7. Clean all the nails one by one with a nail brush
  8. A nail file to smooth so as not to tear easily and Flake
  9. Cuticle scissors that wild, can also apply cuticle cleaner with fluid to further dead skin cells that have accumulated around the curve of the nail curves
  10. Soak the nails in water that has been give a liquid antiseptic
  11. Apply a body lotion on hands or feet, this will improve circulation and allows the skin becomes toned and soft when on my touch.
For those who have brittle nails that break easily, and can perform the treatment as follows:
  1. Keep your nails in order to keep it short, shaped box with a circular edge. Cutting the nails after a bath and then give the lotion on fingernails
  2. Apply nail lotion before going to bed on nail cuticles
  3. Apply nail Strengthener, avoid products that are made from chemicals formaldehyde and toluene sulfonamide as it can cause irritation on the skin

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